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CSI : 26-50-.00 (Lighting)
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Product link : View "Lighting" on the manufacturer's website
Description : Guth adds user friendly photometric database (see above). It includes pictoral index, product descriptor, and performance summary for each lamp type.

SUPER ILLUMINATOR 2 - IES Award winning higher efficiency and cooler operating multilamp CFL fixture. Provides 27% more useable light and 35% less glare. Provides 5 year ballast warranty at 40°C operation.
GPCF250 - IES award winning compact 32, 100 and 250 watt sine wave inverter. Has 1.3 sqft footprint. Operates any mixed fluorescent, LED and incandescent load at full lumen output for up to 4 hours.
ENVIROGUARD E-POD™ - E-POD Energy Reduction Luminaire provides dimmable, 89 lumen per watt electronic Metal Halide, 3-120 watt CFL or 100,000 hour Induction lamping. Meets tax deduction requirements of the ENERGY POLICY ACT-2005 (EPAct-2005).
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DURA-SEAL - next generation wet location 2’, 4’ and 8’ wraparound featuring: dust-tight, heavy hose-down construction (IEC IP65-67 listed), non-flammable fiberglass housing, adjustable SS hangers, National Sanitation Foundation certification, 40°C listing, occupancy sensors and vandal resistance.
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REFLECTIONS - Guth's extensive indirect series features the new 320, 350 and 400 watt T15 Pulse Start MH lamps and higher output twin tube fluorescents. Available in custom colors, sizes and shapes.
BIO-SEAL™ - features seam welded aluminum housing, IP66 heavy duty hose down and dust tight listing, Class1 Div2 and longer ballast life. Sets a new benchmark for laboratory and animal containment.
KLEENSEAL - all K50, K100 and K200 models are now available with Hazardous Location, Class 1 Divison 2 listing.
ELECTRONIC METAL HALIDE FIXTURE VIDEO - 4 minute video shows operation of Guth's new IES award winning electronic metal halide fixtures. Features Advance Transformers DynaVision system with integral dimming, 40% more lamp lumens, silent operation, extended lamp life and 3 year parts and labor warranty. Advanced Transformer Web site

The following 4 products use Advance Dynavision Electronic Metal Halide.
PRINCETON - IES award winning 40°C listed low profile lowmount family is available in 12”, 16’ and 22” sizes with CFL’s up to 120 watts and standard or dimming electronic MH up to 400 watts.
ELECTROLUME™ - IES award winning 55°C listed electronic MH high or lowbay fixture. Features 40% energy reduction and 50% dimming with integral or remote sensors. 800 fixture retrofit case study
AISLELITER - diecast 7” deep warehouse fixture with sealed optics for core and coil or electronic MH. Sets a new standard for energy efficiency.
ENVIROGUARD™ - IES Award winning 40°C listed 12”, 16” and 22” low mount family. Available with CFL’s or MH and damp, wet, hosedown or NSF listings.

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SUPER ILLUMINATOR™ - IES award winning 40°C listed energy reduction open or enclosed CFL fixture. It is 90% efficient and uses 3 to 8 CFL’s up to 120watt.
GUARDTITE – new die cast design is available with 13-42 watt CFL and 30 to 70 watt pulse start MH and HPS. Colors and chrome plating allow use in architectural areas.
Manufacturer : Guth Lighting
Location : St. Louis, MO 63177

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