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CSI : 06-61-16.00 (Solid Surfacing Fabrications)
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Product link : View "Syndecrete" on the manufacturer's website
Description : SyndecreteŽ is a solid surfacing material (pre-cast lightweight concrete material) developed by Architect David Hertz at Syndesis, Inc. as an alternative to limited or nonrenewable natural materials such as wood and stone, and synthetic petroleum based solid and laminating materials.

SyndecreteŽ's Environmental Features:

SyndecreteŽ is a restorative product, reconstituting materials extracted from society's waste stream to create a new, highly valued product. The advanced cement based composite contains natural minerals and recycled materials from industry and post consumer goods which contain up to 41% recycled content. Such materials include metal shavings, plastic regrinds, recycled glass chips and scrap wood chips to name a few. These materials are used as decorative aggregates, creating a contemporary reinterpretation of the Italian tradition of terrazzo. For more information about concrete and the environment, read A Material for a Finite Planet, a paper presented to the Portland Cement Association conference on sustainability in Las Vegas, 1994 and the Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility conference on ecology in 1995 held at SCI-Arc, the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Aesthetics of SyndecreteŽ:

Syndecrete's broad range of applications and its unique aesthetic qualities differentiates the product from other environmentally friendly building materials. The provision of custom SyndecreteŽ products often initiates the use of recycled and environmentally friendly products to a high-end, design oriented market segment which might not otherwise be predisposed to seek out recycled products. It is the hope of the company that its own emphasis on the outstanding environmental qualities of SyndecreteŽ will stimulate the growth of "environmental quality" as an important product selection criteria in the building and design industry.

SyndecreteŽ is an advanced cement based composite using natural minerals and recycled materials as its primary ingredients. There are no resins or polymers. Syndecrete is a solid surfacing material which provides consistency of color, texture, and aggregate throughout. It is less than half the weight with twice the compressive strength of normal concrete and is available in a variety of densities ranging from 35 -- 100 lbs/c.f.

Custom mix designs incorporating aggregates offer unlimited creative possibilities. Past uses have included recycling of post consumer and scrap materials from industry such as plastic regrinds, wood chips,crushed glass, metal shavings, and stone fragments. Surfaces can be ground, polished, or textured to expose the natural porosity and aggregates. Form or mold surface finishes allow for exacting detail, from wood grain to glass. Additionally, SyndecreteŽ comes in 11 standard colors. See our portfolio of some of the possible applications for SyndecreteŽ
Manufacturer : Syndesis-Syndecrete
Location : Santa Monica, CA 90403-3616

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